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Tissue-Tek® H&E Staining Kit

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Since its introduction the 19th century, Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining has become the gold standard and the basis for pathological diagnoses. Though the concept of the H&E stain has been fundamental in common practice, eliminating variations in preparation, consistency and quality have always been a challenge. With the Tissue-Tek® H&E Staining Kit Sakura sets the standard for high quality and consistent staining.

By its unique two-component hematoxylin solution, the stability of the staining, also known as staining strength, is enhanced and can easily be controlled by mixing the two components 24h before use, delivering high-quality and consistent staining in combination with the gold standard Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus in automated staining.
The unique properties of the Sakura H&E Staining Kit makes it possible to stain up to 2,500 slides per kit.   
Digital pathology

The rise of Digital Pathology changes the traditional way of pathology based on microscopic evaluation. It brings the pathology images from the microscope to the computer screen.  
An important requirement to implement digital pathology is standardisation of the image quality and staining colour. The variations in preparation, consistency and quality that we often see today, leads to variations in colour and image quality and could impact the accuracy of the diagnosis.  

Due to the high-quality consistent staining provided by the Sakura H&E Staining Kit, standardisation of the histology process is further enhanced. Furthermore, it contributes to the most optimal conditions that are required in digital pathology for achieving high-quality digital images. 

  • High-quality and consistent staining
  • Enhanced stability due to two-component hematoxylin solution
  • Easy track and trace in combination with Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus & Tissue-Tek Film® with barcode reader
  • Synchronised volume for single use in Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus standard solution reservoirs 
Sakura’s recommended staining protocol
The H&E staining protocol mentioned is a recommended protocol. This protocol needs further evaluation and validation in the laboratory and should be amended to your own preference.
 Step Reagent Time (hh:mm:ss)
1 Drying 00:10:00
2 Xylene 00:03:00
3 Xylene 00:03:00
4 Alc. 100% 00:02:00
5 Alc. 100% 00:02:00
6 Alc. 95% 00:02:00
7 Alc. 70% 00:02:00
8 Wash in running tap water 00:01:00
9 Distilled water 00:01:00
10 HT 3G 00:05:00
11 Wash in running tap water 00:03:00
12 Alc. 70% 00:00:30
13 Eosin 00:03:00
14 Alc. 70% 00:00:30
15 Alc. 95% 00:01:00
16 Alc. 100% 00:01:00
17 Alc. 100% 00:02:00
18 Xylene 00:02:00
19 Xylene 00:03:00
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6188-E Tissue-Tek® H&E Staining Kit
Tissue-Tek<sup>®</sup> H&E Staining Kit

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Tissue-Tek® H&E Staining Kit