Prisma Plus and Film on the job


A 'workhorse', our integrated staining and film coverslipping system speeds up turnaround times.


Gain standardised results, required for digital pathology

High throughput and short drying time of film coverslipping enables faster turnaround times.


Load the instrument continuously and unload directly upon completion, preventing bottlenecks.

Sharp, clean stained slides

Prisma Plus Stainer and Film Coverslipping benefits

  • The integrated staining and film coverslipping system quickly delivers slides, ready for scanning
  • Air bubbles are eliminated thanks to Film coverslipping
  • Enable faster diagnosis and minimise scanning errors with the elimination of mounting media
  • Personalise your setup using any reagent configuration or protocol with the smart scheduler
  • Applicable for cytological and histological samples
  • Famous for its high system uptime due to excellent service and remote monitoring by Tissue-Tek® iSupport™

Tissue-Tek® Coverslipping Film

Our Coverslipping Film reduces coverslipper maintenance to prepare perfect slides for pathologists.


Tissue-Tek® H&E Staining Kit

High quality, consistent staining and enhanced stability with two-component hematoxylin solution.

What others say

Proven adhesion over 15 years with Tissue-Tek® Coverslipping Film

The Department of Pathology VU University Medical Center, in the Netherlands
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Optimising digital pathology at St. Olavs Hospital

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