Seamless standardisation with Tissue-Tek Genie

Sakura Finetek Europe's novel system uses solely optimal scoring antibodies, enabling labs to produce optimal scoring slides with quicker, more streamlined results.

Tissue-Tek Genie</br>Advanced Staining System

The Tissue-Tek Genie® Advanced Staining System is the first and only fully automated, true random access stainer for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH).

SMART Automation

Automate manual work and create an efficient workflow throughout your lab.

Empowering pathology professionals

Behind every sample, tissue block and slide, lies a unique story. When you’re waiting for results, every day, hour and minute counts.

Advanced Staining: Optimal only
Implementation consultancy service

The optimal result

A Tissue-Tek Genie testimonial

We were after that perfect slide, that perfect block that will allow us to put ourselves at the forefront of the competition in our market. Until recently when we decided to move to the Genie and it lends itself very easily to a practice that needs a faster turnaround time and consistent, very high quality stains.

Dr Fady Gerges Owner and the Medical Director Green Clinics Laboratory

The impact of change

How SMART Automation changed life in the lab.

"The continuous workflow of Sakura has an impact on all the steps in the life of the lab. SMART Automation increases the speed and capability to process tissue. When your professionals start using SMART Automation, they’ll experience the positive changes in their daily work. Safer for the patients, safer for the technicians."

Antonio Martinez, MD, PhD Head Department of Pathology Hospital Clinic Barcelona

Freedom of Efficiency

Do more with less. Increase you lab's efficiency with our innovations.

Each year: 60,000 cases, 150,000 cassettes and 450,000 slides. And with only 16 employees. This year we visited the Human Pathology laboratory of Dr Weiß. Thanks to Sakura products and services, he set a benchmark for efficiency in histopathology. Dr Weiß was kind enough to share his vision, mission and laboratory processes with us.

Dr. Manfred Weiß managing director Humanpatholgie Dr. Weiß MVZ GmbH

The way forward

The improvement of standardisation.

Thanks to our customer Luigi Vanvitelli, Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria (AOU), we now have the chance to see and share how SMART Automation increases the efficiency and workflow of a laboratory. In the first new Italian testimonial, Prof. Renato Franco and Dr Mario Nasti give their inspiring insights.

Prof. Renato Franco & Dr Mario Nasti The Pathologist & Lab Technician Università Vanvitelli, Naples, Italy


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Seamless Standardisation with Tissue-Tek Genie

It is crucial that labs can rely on their slides for a seamless – and accurate – diagnosis. With many more commercial instruments focusing on flexibility and choice, these qualities are difficult to separate from subjectivity and complexity.

Sakura enables optimal only advanced staining results

Imagine a new quality standard that improves the lives of patients and lab professionals in cancer care.

The optimal result

We were after that perfect slide, that perfect block that will allow us to put ourselves at the forefront of the competition in our market... - Dr Fady Gerges

Sakura Finetek offers the optimal advanced stained slide with the new Tissue-Tek Genie®

The Tissue-Tek Genie® provides optimal slides with the same turnaround time, using one protocol and achieving optimal staining quality across the entire 130+ Sakura antibody portfolio.



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