Sakura Finetek owns exclusive trademark rights to the Sakura name in the U.S. and internationally. We do not allow the registration, ownership, use, or sale of a domain name containing “Sakura.” Sakura listings attempting to sell these domain names will be removed from the site. While it is very popular to register, use, and sell domain names, you generally are not allowed to own, sell, or use a domain name that contains a trademark owned by another person or company. For more information, please refer to the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999.

Sakura Finetek strongly protects its valuable trademarks throughout the world. Sakura Finetek is the owner and user of the following trademarks in the United States (and in other jurisdictions):

Sakura®, the Sakura® flower design, Accu-Cut®, Accu-Cut® SRM™, Accu-Edge®, Accu-Edge® PATHpro™, AutoWrite®, Cryo+™, Cryo3®, Cryobar®, Cryomold®, Cyto-Tek®, Formago®, Genemed®, HistoLogic®, Histo-Tek®, Lab Aid®, Lab Aid® Ultra™, Mega-Cassette™, Paraform®, Quality is in Our Genes®, TEC™, Tissue-Clear®, Tissue-Tek®, Tissue-Tek AutoSection®, Tissue-Tek AutoTEC®, Tissue-Tek ClearFIX®, Tissue-Tek® DRS™, Tissue-Tek Film®, Tissue-Tek Genie®, Tissue-Tek® Glas™, Tissue-Tek® iSupport™, Tissue-Tek Prisma®, Tissue-Tek® RSG™, Tissue-Tek® SCA™, Tissue-Tek SmartSection®, Tissue-Tek VIP®, Tissue-Tek Xpress®, Uni-Cassette®, and VisionTek®.

Neutra-Form, Neutra-Guard, Neutra-Pads, Neutra-Wipes, and Neutralex are trademarks of Scigen, Inc. and are used with permission. Quick-Ray is a trademark of Unitma Co., Ltd., and is used with permission. Feather is a trademark of Feather Safety Razor Co., Ltd., and is used with permission. Kimwipes is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Corp.  Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. ThinPrep is a registered trademark of Hologic, Inc.  Windows and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation,  Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.  Plan-Neofluar and Neofluar are registered trademarks Carl Zeiss AG Corporation

Updated 06/07/18