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Our promise


Sakura promises to empower pathology professionals to deliver accurate and fast diagnoses to optimise treatment success for each life we touch.

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About us

Known for best-in-class automation, quality and reliability, Sakura Finetek remains a privately-held company in business for almost 150 years. Sakura is the original manufacturer of Tissue-Tek® products that have become industry standards over the years. 

At Sakura Finetek Europe, we distribute products through our network of more than 60 Sakura sales entities and distributors to over 100 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. 

Our mission and vision

Our mission is advancing cancer diagnostics by providing integrated solutions for anatomic pathology and patients through best-in-class innovation, quality and customer care.
Our vision is that we want to be the first company to fully automate anatomic pathology.

Our Story

Our Promise

Our Promise


Sakura promises to empower pathology professionals to deliver accurate and fast diagnoses to optimise treatment success for each life we touch.

Our Story


When it comes to diagnosing cancer,
there's no time to wait.

We empower
pathology professionals


Our Way


Behind every sample, tissue block and slide, lies a unique story. That of a person – young or old, woman or man, grandmother or son – who’s anxiously awaiting their diagnosis. Because when you’re waiting for results, every day, hour, and minute counts.


Sakura’s mission is to constantly advance cancer diagnostics in anatomical pathology. We understand the necessity to enhance the efficiency of the current diagnostic processes and minimise the impact on people’s lives.

We are determined to make tomorrow’s reality possible today by delivering the best solutions in the market.


Smarter solutions and client-driven services that empower pathology professionals to deliver accurate and fast diagnoses to optimise treatment success for each life we touch.

That’s the Sakura way!


We empower pathology professionals

Our Sakura

Empower others to be their best

Be a positive force every day. Increase success for our clients and colleagues by helping them to be their very best.

Improve something every day

Every day is a fresh opportunity for growth. To learn something new, no matter how large or small.

Share knowledge, time, and a smile

Encourage empowerment by supporting others whenever possible.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Being open to diverse points of view can inspire to new solutions for current challenges.

Be generous

Simple acts of kindness are transformative. Support and empower those around us without always expecting something in return.

Meet our Management Team

Sakura EU Management Team

At Sakura Finetek Europe we have a team of experienced, empathetic, business-minded professionals who drive our innovative company forward and keep us going in the right direction. Take a minute to click on the profiles below and “meet” the Sakura Finetek Europe management team.

Rick Broekhuizen

Rick Broekhuizen

Chief Financial Officer and Group Controller,
Sakura Finetek Europe B.V.

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Chris Koeman

Chris Koeman

President and General Manager,
Sakura Finetek Europe B.V.

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Andries Dragt

Andries Dragt

Chief Commercial Officer,
Sakura Finetek Europe B.V.

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Continuous innovation

First microscope for Japanese market
prior to Nikon and Olympus


First disposable cassette:
Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette®


First fully enclosed tissue processor:
Tissue-Tek VIP®


First automated film coverslipper:
Tissue-Tek® SCA Coverslipper


Sakura Finetek Europe B.V.


First rapid tissue processor:
Tissue-Tek Xpress®, offering a shorter turnaround time by a continuous workflow


First automated embedding system:
Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120


First hybrid digital microscope, offering
live imaging and scanning: VisionTek®


Introduction of Sakura Services


Advanced staining system:
Introducing Tissue-Tek Genie® in the USA


First robotic microtomy system:
Tissue-Tek SmartSection®


Sakura History

Sakura History

Under the name Sakura Finetek, we have been paving the way in laboratory solutions since 1871. Since that time, Sakura has continued to put well-thought-out products on the market that reduce specimen turnaround times whilst providing users with unparalleled quality. It is this perseverance that has given us a clear understanding of technology, quality, reliability, value for money and our customers’ requirements. Still a family owned and privately held company, we utilise our ever-growing understanding and rich history in everything we do to empower pathology professionals to deliver a fast and accurate cancer diagnosis to optimise treatment succes. From anticipating technology and market innovations to developing reliable products and services that meet our customers’ needs. Because knowing you have cancer is one thing, but not knowing is even worse.

The starting point

Our history begins in Japan’s Edo era with Kyuzaemon Matsumoto, who started a pharmaceutical warehouse in 1596. At that time, the company was known as Iwashiya Matsumoto Kyuzaemon. Since the Edo era a vast number of pharmaceutical companies had used the Iwashiya name as their trade name. Somewhat confusing to the people of Japan, as “Iwashiya” typically means “fish merchant”.

In the early Meiji era of 1871, Gihei Matsumoto formed a separate medical equipment division of Iwashiya, establishing it officially as the Sakura Group. In 1903, to further distinguish themselves from other companies, Sakura changed their company trademark to a sakura (cherry blossom). Quite a useful alteration, as Sakura could build on their strong new company image of Japan’s national flower. Sakura became widely known and trusted amongst the people of Japan and beyond.

Making our mark

Over the next 90 years, Sakura continued to manufacture an array of medical equipment, including the first Japanese microscope. In 1962, the company name was changed again to Sakura Finetechnical Co., Ltd.

Sakura is the original manufacturer of the Tissue-Tek®, Cyto-Tek®, Tissue-Tek VIP® and Tissue-Tek Xpress® products that have become industry standards throughout the years. This line of prestigious products also includes the Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Blade Systems, Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette® Systems and Tissue-Tek® Paraform® brands.

Spreading out

Sakura Finetek U.S.A., Inc. was established in the United States in 1986. And in 1994 the company acquired the histology and cytology product lines of Miles Inc. It was then that Sakura Finetek Europe was set up as an independent organisation, reporting to Sakura Finetek U.S.A., Inc.

To this day, we at Sakura Finetek Europe have made it our mission to distribute products through our network of more than 60 Sakura sales entities and distributors to over 100 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. Our organisation continues to develop, professionalise and grow, all whilst we maintain our position as a trustworthy and valuable partner in pathology.

With established sales channels in over 165 countries, Sakura’s global strategy of worldwide representation remains strong. A strategy that guarantees our customers premium service and support. 

A trustworthy partner

At Sakura Finetek Europe B.V. we are always on the lookout for European partners with whom we can collaborate on new product development and/or OEM manufacturing. Strategic alliances on major projects, joint ventures with leading companies and acquisitions are three tools we use to ensure that Sakura is always able to respond to market needs. Our goals at Sakura Finetek Europe B.V. are clear: to ensure that Sakura remains a stable, successful, customer-oriented company, and to uphold our company values of sincerity and harmony.

Working at Sakura

Personal connections. That’s one of our underpinning principles here at Sakura Finetek. We are a group of socially responsible, diverse minded, science loving people. We believe that patience is indeed a virtue, that a person should have a bit of fun at work, and that (job) growth is possible at any age. Our colleagues and partners visit our facilities from all over the world, and it is not unheard of for us to go meet face to face with our colleagues or partners in, for example, the US or Japan. Would you like to become part of the Sakura Finetek family? Check out our latest job opportunities

Meet our people

We could go on and on about how great it is to work at Sakura Finetek, but don’t just take our word for it. Read through some of our employee stories to get a better idea about how it is to work within the Sakura Finetek family.

Danielle Clarridge

Danielle Clarridge

Customer Service Assistant,
United Kingdom

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Majda Dzemidzic

Majda Dzemidzic

Implementation Specialist,

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Manita Vermeulen

Manita Vermeulen

Manager Facilities EMEAI,

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Nicolas Puschiavo

Nicolas Puschiavo

Field Service Engineer,

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Oscar Brar

Oscar Brar

Area Sales Manager,
Spain and Portugal

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Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt

Regional Business Director,
Germany and Austria

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Sakura Finetek Europe B.V.
Flemingweg 10a
2408 AV Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 592 00 00

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Employment opportunities

Is it time for a (slightly) new job challenge or are you a student looking for internship? At Sakura Finetek we have a variety of jobs on offer at various locations throughout Europe. Take a look at our updated employment opportunities and discover the possibilities.

Would you like to come work at Sakura Finetek? Next to tempting employment benefits, a warm atmosphere, great colleagues and the prestige of working for a leading international instrument supplier, we offer our employees room to grow and the tools to help get them there. If your job is not in the list below, please send an open application using the button on this page. We look forward to receiving your information!



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