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Staining and Coverslipping Solutions

When it comes to the histological process of tissue-based diagnostics, routine H&E and special staining play a significant role for pathologists in making a diagnosis. Sakura can help you manage your laboratory costs, along with achieving rapid turnaround times and delivering consistent high-quality slides to the pathologists.

You get reliable solutions for staining and coverslipping when you combine the high-quality range of Sakura precision instruments, consumables and services. For example, combine value-added Sakura services with the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus, the Tissue-Tek Film® system and its Gold Standard consumable Tissue-Tek® Coverslipping Film, your lab is provided with a staining and coverslipping solution that will deliver ultimate time savings, supreme flexibility and superior reliability.

Sakura Solutions are designed to help you to become more efficient, reduce your turnaround times and increase the quality of your work. This aids you in preparing your laboratory for the future.