Financial Solution Tissue-Tek AutoSection®

Most labs are facing higher workloads, increasing turnaround times, shortage of skilled staff and cost pressures. These challenges demand increased optimisation and maximised productivity for the pathology laboratories. Our Financial Services enables your laboratory to benefit from the latest technology solutions to deal with those issues without the need for difficult to obtain high capital investment.
In a Financial Solution, Sakura will take care of your Tissue-Tek AutoSection®, Service Agreement Tissue-Tek AutoSection® Platinum and Accu-Edge® Paraform® Disposable Microtome Blade, for a single cost per block or a monthly fee. This fixed fee puts you in control of your lab budget as you know exactly how much will be charged. Delivery quantities can be adjusted by agreement on a quarterly basis, and additional instruments can be added throughout the contract

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Financial Solution Tissue-Tek AutoSection®