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Microtomy Solutions

The aim of microtomy is to enable technicians to produce precise tissue sections of consistent high quality, so that pathologists can make an easy and accurate diagnosis. No matter the tissue type, it takes years of training and skill to achieve cutting consistency on every block to ensure a minimum amount of rework.

Lab technicians can produce precision, high-quality tissue sections by combining Sakura instruments for microtomy with quality consumables and an excellent range of value-added services.
For example, combine the Tissue-Tek AutoSection® with a quality consumable such as the Accu-Edge® Microtome Blades,  you can increase your value by adding the Sakura Tissue-Tek AutoSection® user training. Your laboratory gains consistent and high-quality sectioning, reduced rework and enhanced safety.

Sakura Solutions are designed to help you to become more efficient, reduce your turnaround times and increase the quality of your work. This aids you in preparing your laboratory for the future.