VisionTek® Live Digital Microscope

Bringing live routine microscopy to the new digital world, Sakura Finetek proudly introduces: VisionTek® live digital microscope

This high-end motorised, digital microscope captures real-time images, for live viewing and precise measurements, all within seconds. The live multi-view mode is perfect for complex cases, displaying multiple slides and stains on one screen. Live sharing of images has never been easier; the large, high-definition screen displays extensive details, which can be viewed alone or together.

The snapshot option is a powerful tool for creating instant, high resolution pictures of single slide or multi-views, which can be used directly in presentations.

The VisionTek is a live digital microscope including scanner capabilities, for scanning whole and partial slides. The pathologist now has complete control of the entire recording process.

VisionTek optimises live routine microscopy:
  • Facilitates easy and accurate diagnoses
  • Share live images
  • Direct consulting
  • User determines what and when to archive
For precise and expert diagnosis a detailed, crystal sharp image is essential. Through the high quality objectives and cameras, a superb live image is created and presented on the widescreen monitor.
With live images diagnostic tools like real-time annotations, such as distances and area measurements, can be used, without the need to save the image first. In addition to a detailed single live image, there is the possibility to show a multi-view of several live images, together in one screen. This unique feature provides the possibility of presenting different stains, of the same tissue, in one overview. As a result of this direct comparison, live diagnosis of complex cases is simplified and the time to diagnosis is dramatically reduced.


VisionTek SHARE
Images can be viewed by multiple participants on the same high resolution, making face-to-face education direct and more personal than using a multihead microscope. High resolution snapshots of single or multi-view screens are made, just by the click of your mouse.


Some difficult and complex cases need an expert or second opinion. When this colleague is within the premises, consulting is easy: the high definition screen makes discussing and diagnosing cases together extremely easy. In many cases the expert colleague will not be in the same department.
With the VisionTek live images can be shared with remote colleagues anywhere: on another floor, building, city or even continent.


With the VisionTek the pathologist is in full control of the archiving and storing process.
The user decides if there is a need to archive and if so, which slide or specific area of this slide is important to digitally archive. With the VisionTek the pathologist decides exactly why and what to scan, therefore the recorded images stay small, always in focus and manageable.
There are several options that can be used to record the desired area of interest: screenshots, high resolution snapshots, mini-, whole- or partial- and even z-stacked scanned images.

You decide what, when and how to archive.
Microscope Frame
Illuminator Bright field Koehler LED Illumination
Objective lenses Carl Zeiss EC Plan-Neofluar 2.5x/0.075
  Carl Zeiss EC Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.3
  Carl Zeiss EC Plan-Neofluar 20x/0.5
Motorised stage Motorised XY stage with automatic control
  Automated lens changer
Focusing Motorised automatic and manually focus
Digital camera
CCD camera 4.1M pixel (2336 x 1752 px; Px size 5,5 μm);
  High sensitivity and high resolution camera
Live image display 16 frames/sec
Item code Description
9002 VisionTek® Live Digital Microscope including:
  • Windows 7 x 64bit PC
  • 24 inch High Resolution monitor (WUXGA)
  • 2 VisionTek® Slide Carriers
  • QWERTY Keyboard and Mouse
9011 VisionTek® Slide Carrier, 4 slides each
SA-9002-UT User Training VisionTek®
SC-9002-G Service Agreements VisionTek® Gold
SC-9002-P Service Agreements VisionTek® Platinum
SC-9002-S Service Agreements VisionTek® Silver


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