Tissue Tek® DRS 2000

The Tissue-Tek® DRS 2000 Multiple Slide Stainer offers multiple staining protocols in a true random-access mode. Based on current workload demands, the system can handle up to 11 sets of 40 slides at a time. The operator selects from 20 methods stored in memory, presses START and walks away. It is a simple but intelligent instrument for unsurpassed productivity - slide after slide, shift after shift
Throughput Up to 440 slides per hour
Dimensions (W x D x H) 115 x 49 x 66 cm
Weight 90 kg
Number of reservoirs
Start 1 to 3 stations
Reagent 27 reservoirs
Drying 1 station
Wash 0 to 4 stations
Reagent volume 650 mL
Staining protocols 11 runs continuously loading, and simultaneously running
Baskets 20 slide basket
Loading Up to 40 slides per run
Drying station 30 ~ 65°C
Item code Description
4931 Tissue-Tek® DRS 2000 with Dryer 220 V, 50/60 Hz
2008 Tissue-Tek® DRS Carbon Filter; 2/cs
4768 Tissue-Tek® 20-Slide Basket
4974 Tissue-Tek® Solution Reservoir 650 mL
4975 Tissue-Tek® Wash Reservoir 650 mL
4976 Tissue-Tek® Reservoir Lid
4977 Tissue-Tek® Basket Hook; 10/cs
4978 Tissue-Tek® Basket Adapter
4979 Tissue-Tek® Wash Station Plug
4981 Tissue-Tek® Drain Hose
4985 Tissue-Tek® Wash Reservoir Grommet
4986 Tissue-Tek® Lid 6 Large Solution Reservoir
4993 Tissue-Tek® Lid 7 Large Solution Reservoir
HIS40614 Tissue-Tek® Insert for slide basket (for 5 large slides maximum 60 mm wide)
6506 Tissue-Tek® Exhaust hose assembly 38 mm Ø
6507 Tissue-Tek® Exhaust hose assembly 75 mm Ø
SA-4931-UT User Training Tissue-Tek® DRS 2000
SC-4931-G Service Agreements Tissue-Tek&® DRS 2000 Gold
SC-4931-P Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® DRS 2000 Platinum
SC-4931-S Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® DRS 2000 Silver

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Tissue Tek® DRS™ 2000