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Workflow Consultancy

Do you want to improve the process of your laboratory?

Most laboratories are facing higher workloads, increasing turnaround times, shortage of skilled staff and cost pressures. These challenges demand increased optimisation and maximised productivity for the laboratories.

The Workflow Consultancy enables your laboratory to gain more insight into the current process to identify bottlenecks and to consult on improvements.

The aim of the consultancy service is to improve the process of the histopathology laboratory by applying Lean principles. This allows you to do more with the same capacity/resources while improving the quality of work and results.

The Workflow Consultancy consists of a one-day workflow observation. This provides the lab with information about the processes, such as utilisation rates of the workstations and current state of the material flow.

The Workflow Consultancy is managed and executed by Lean Six Sigma consultants, specialised in histopathology laboratories. The consultant will analyse the observations and the collected data, to identify bottlenecks and non-value adding steps in the processes. He will provide recommendations in order to maximise the productivity within your laboratory and how to best make use of staff and equipment, which allows staff to spend more time on other critical activities. The recommendations are practical and pragmatic, so you and your team can immediately start working on the quick wins.

You will benefit from:

  • Increased quality
  • Maximised productivity
  • Optimise use of equipment
  • Efficient use of resources
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