Tissue-Tek® Tissue Clear® Xylene Substitute

Tissue-Tek® Tissue-Clear® is a xylene substitute, which differs by not irritating skin or mucosa and being odorless. Furthermore its low risk of igniting makes it safer to work with. Tissue-Tek Tissue-Clear is compatible with Tissue-Tek® Glas™ Tissue-Mount™ for glass coverslipping.
Item code Description
1426 Tissue-Tek® Tissue-Clear® 10 L Xylene Substitute
1466 Tissue-Tek® Tissue-Clear® 5 L Xylene Substitute
1472 Tissue-Tek® Tissue-Clear® 200 L Xylene Substitute
Tissue-Tek<sup>®</sup> Tissue Clear<sup>®</sup> <nobr>Xylene Substitute</nobr>

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Tissue-Tek® Tissue Clear® Xylene Substitute