Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5 Embedding Console System

The Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5 Tissue Embedding Console System consists of two modules that together create an ergonomic workstation for the production of paraffin blocks. The user can position the individual modules from either left to right or right to left, depending on personal preference. The work surfaces of both modules are at the same height and thus the specimens can be transferred easily from one side to the other. The system is fully programmable, with automatic start-up and shutdown capability and precise temperature control of all areas. The capacity of the workspace is 10 cassettes at each side of the dispensing control unit. The electric forceps can be connected easily
Embedding Console (W x D x H) 59 x 62 x 38 cm
Cryo Console (W x D x H) 33 x 59 x 38 cm
Cooling Plate 31 x 38 cm
Embedding Console 20 kg
Cryo Console 20 kg
Paraffin Chamber 4 L
Thermal Chambers 1.8 L
Cooling Plate 60 cassettes
Temperature Range  
Paraffin Chamber 50°C - 70°C
Thermal Chambers 50°C - 70°C
Hot Plates & Forceps Wells 50°C - 70°C
Cooling Plate -10°C - 0°C
Item code Description
5100 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5 Tissue Embedding Console System; 115 V, 60 Hz
5229 Tissue-Tek® TEC® 5 Tissue Embedding System; 230 V, 50 Hz
1550 Tissue-Tek® Scraper
1551 Tissue-Tek® Large Tamper
1552 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ Small Tamper
1553 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ Lamp Bulb
5781 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 150-Cassette Transfer Tray
5782 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 75-Cassette Transfer Tray
5783 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ Base Mold Dividers
5784 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ Magnifying Glass
5785 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ Foot Pedal Switch
5787 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ Removable Hot Plate
SA-5229-UT User Training Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5
SC-5229-G Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5 Gold
SC-5229-P Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5 Platinum
SC-5229-S Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5 Silver
Tissue-Tek<sup>®</sup> TEC™ 5 Embedding Console System

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Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5