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Tissue-Tek® Glas Mounting Media

Sakura Finetek offers high and low viscosity, xylene-based mounting media for glass coverslipping. Furthermore, Tissue-Tek® Glas Tissue-Mount™, Tissue-Clear® based mounting medium, is available for xylene free glass coverslipping

The Tissue-Tek® Glas Mounting Media packaging is designed for ease of use with the Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Coverslipper
Item code Description
1408N Tissue-Tek® Glas Mounting Medium, 6 x 500 mL
1410 Tissue-Tek® Glas Pertex, 6 x 500 mL
1467N Tissue-Tek® GlasTissue-Mount, 6 x 500mL
Tissue-Tek<sup>®</sup> Glas<sup>™</sup> Mounting Media

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Tissue-Tek® Glas™ Mounting Media