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Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI

With the new reagent management system, Sakura sets new standards for reliability, safety and convenience in traditional tissue processing, with the provision of the 6th generation of market leading Tissue-Tek VIP® technology

With the Reagent Management System, including 10.8L bulk containers, reagent and paraffin transfer, automated paraffin wax disposal, a solution manager and true intuitive software, Sakura continues to exceed what you expect from the latest generation traditional tissue processors by making the system easier to use, with increased user safety whilst not compromising on high quality processing and reliability.

The addition of unmatched features, to the most reliable traditional tissue processor, will give increased value to the process and operations of your laboratory.
The Tissue-Tek VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor offers you:
  • Confidence of gold standard technology
  • Validated protocols providing results of ultimate quality
  • Exceptional patient-sample and staff safety
  • Outstanding reliability and longevity
Capacity Up to 300 cassettes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 61 x 68 x 133 cm
Weight 175 kg
Reagent Reservoirs 13 (including waste and cleaning)
Bulk Reservoirs 2 fixed (10.8 L each)
Paraffin Reservoirs 4
Waste Containers 2 (1 reagent and 1 paraffin wax)
Reagent Management
System 3 reagents including paraffin wax
Level Sensors 4 (150-cassettes, 300-cassettes, cleaning and overfill)
Display Colour touch screen
Item Code Description
6042 Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI 230 V, 50/60 Hz
8022 License Tissue-Tek® iSupport™
8023 License Tissue-Tek® iSupport™ (extra user)
1550 Tissue-Tek® Scraper, Large
6034 Tissue-Tek® Scraper, Small
5265 Tissue-Tek VIP® 150- Cassette Basket with Dividers and Handles
5266 Tissue-Tek VIP® 75- Cassette Basket with Dividers and Handles
5267 Tissue-Tek VIP® 150- Cassette Baskets with Dividers
5268 Tissue-Tek VIP® 75- Cassette Baskets with Dividers
5269 Tissue-Tek VIP® Basket Handles for 150- Cassette Basket (5267)
6035 Tissue-Tek VIP® Reagent Bottle, Complete, 1/pcs
6045 Tissue-Tek VIP® 1 Set of Paraffin Waste Bags, 12/pcs
6160 Tissue-Tek VIP® Activated Carbon Filter, 2/pcs
7109 Tissue-Tek VIP® Basket Transportation Tray
SA-6042-UT User Training Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI
SC-6042-G Service Agreements Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI Gold
SC-6042-P Service Agreements Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI Platinum
SC-6042-S Service Agreements Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI Silver

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Tissue-Tek VIP<sup>®</sup> 6 AI
Tissue-Tek VIP<sup>®</sup> 6 AI

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Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI