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User Training Tissue-Tek AutoSection®

It has been proven that well trained people work more efficient and perform better. By regularly training your staff, you will reduce rework and increase the quality of your results.

Sakura’s on-site customer training ensures that your technicians acquire in-depth knowledge to use the Tissue-Tek AutoSection® to its fullest potential:

  • Trainees will be an expert on the AutoSection®; they are able to operate the AutoSection® (hardware and software) in a safe and efficient way and they can train other users on the instrument.
  • Trainees can perform required periodic user maintenance.
  • Trainees can perform basic trouble shooting.
  • General Microtomy issues, like thick and thin sections, compressed sections, chatter and scratches or splits in sections
  • Instrument performance checklist; left / right sectioning, direct cut.
  • Instrument related troubles; foot pedal (connection), remote control

With this increased knowledge, technicians are able to operate the AutoSection in the most efficient and safest way, leading to more accurate patient diagnoses.

User Training Tissue-Tek AutoSection<sup>®</sup>

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User Training Tissue-Tek AutoSection®