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Tissue-Tek® Autowrite® Adhesive Slides

Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Adhesive Slides are manufactured with silane-coating, creating special charge which increases the adhesion of the tissue to the slide. The slides have the same printing area characteristics as the Non-Adhesive slides, optimised for printing with Tissue-Tek AutoWrite Printer and other ink-jet printers.

These slides are perfect for tests that require extra care when processing, such as cartilage. Slides are available in 7 different colors; white, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and purple. The slides will have ground edges 90° with clipped corners.

The Tissue-Tek AutoWrite Adhesive Slides are manufactured according to ISO 8037/1 standards with approximate dimension of 76 x 26 mm and thickness of 1.0 mm. The slides are supplied in volumes of 1440; 20 packs of 72 slides each.
Item code AutoWrite® Adhesive Ground Edges 90°
9597 Clipped Corner White; 20 x 72/pcs
9598 Clipped Corner Blue; 20 x 72/pcs
9599 Clipped Corner Pink; 20 x 72/pcs
9600 Clipped Corner Yellow; 20 x 72/pcs
9601 Clipped Corner Green; 20 x 72/pcs
9602 Clipped Corner Orange; 20 x 72/pcs
9603 Clipped Corner Purple; 20 x 72/pcs
Tissue-Tek® Autowrite® Adhesive Slides

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Tissue-Tek® Autowrite® Adhesive Slides