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Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite®  Cassette Printer

Sakura Finetek has innovated the way to print cassettes in the histology and cytology laboratory by introducing the new and improved version of the Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite®. Start using the Tissue-Tek AutoWrite in your laboratory and experience the convenience of fully automated and reliable labelling of your cassettes... just by connecting them to a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or a stand alone computer. The Windows® printer driver technology enables Tissue-Tek AutoWrite Printers to be connected to any Windows based program or LIMS.

Tissue-Tek AutoWrite offers you:

• Unmatched printing quality with the new and improved printing system
• Different type/different colour cassettes printed simultaneously
• Two-dimensional bar coding for easy and reliable identification of cassettes
• Convenient loading with the stacked cassettes, offered in all colours and types
• Fast unloading with an unload module 
• Continuous printing during the day

Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer 8030
Application Printer for printing bar codes, graphics, and alphanumeric characters on cassettes
Throughput 900 cassettes per hour
Dimensions (W x D x H) 41 x 58 x 46 cm
Weight 29 kg
Load capacity
Cassette printer 6 magazines; 80 cassettes per magazine
Unload module 100 cassettes
Ink cartridge 60.000 cassettes or 3,5 months
Print resolution Up to 360 dpi
Ink Reagent resistant, non-erasable
Printer driver Windows®
Item code Description
8030 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
8032 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Unload Station Cassette
8038N Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Curing Lamp
8040 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Slide Magazines (3/pcs)
8042 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Magazines (3/pcs)
8044 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Slide Tray (for item 8033)
8046 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Tray (for item 8032)
8047 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® 6-magazine Slide Holder
8048 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® 6-magazine Cassette Holder
8050 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cleaning Foam Swaps; 25/pcs
8051 Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Ink Cartridge Kit; 280 mL
SC-8030-G Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer Gold
SC-8030-P Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer Platinum
SC-8030-S Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer Silver
SC-8032-G Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Unload station Gold 
SC-8032-P Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Unload station Platinum
SC-8032-S Service Agreements Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Unload station Silver


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Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer