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Tissue-Tek® Super Mega-Cassette™

The Tissue-Tek® Super Mega-Cassette is designed to provide specimen identification and security from the grossing bench to the permanent paraffin block. The Tissue-Tek Super Mega-Cassette is suitable for larger and extra large tissue samples, thanks to the size of 65 x 50 x18 mm, and is optimised for maximum fluid exchange during the processing cycle. When utilised with a specially designed base mold, the cassette becomes the supporting structure of the paraffin block during embedding. Cassettes
come with an attached lid. For clamping the Tissue-Tek Super Mega-Cassette on to your microtome, a Tissue-Tek® Super Mega-Cassette™ Clamp Adapter for SRM series, is available.

Item code Description
1445 Tissue-Tek® Super Mega-Cassette Clamp Adapter for SRM series
7820 Tissue-Tek® Super Mega-Cassette White; 100/pcs
Tissue-Tek® Super Mega-Cassette™

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Tissue-Tek® Super Mega-Cassette™