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Tissue-Tek® Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette

The Tissue-Tek® Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette is designed to separate the different biopsies for the same patient number. The number for patient identification can be written on three sides of the cassette. Together with the Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette, Sakura offers the Tissue-Tek® Torpedo
Shape Base Mold for easy orientation of the tissue sample. Cassettes come with an attached lid. Available in five colours.

Item code Description
4067 Tissue-Tek® Torpedo Base Mold for 6-Chamber Cassette (for item 4073 - 4077); 12/pcs
4073 Tissue-Tek® Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette White; 1.000/pcs
4075 Tissue-Tek® Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette Yellow; 1.000/pcs
4076 Tissue-Tek® Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette Green; 1.000/pcs
4077 Tissue-Tek® Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette Blue; 1.000/pcs
Tissue-Tek<sup>®</sup> Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette

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Tissue-Tek® Biopsy 6-Chamber Cassette