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Tissue-Tek®  Mega-Cassette™

The Tissue-Tek® Mega-Cassette (size 40x25x10 mm) is designed to provide specimen identification and security from the grossing bench to the permanent paraffin block. Suitable for larger tissue samples, thanks to the depth (10 mm). Each cassette is optimised for maximum fluid exchange during the processing cycle. When utilised with appropriately sized base molds, the cassette becomes the
supporting structure of the paraffin block during embedding. Cassettes come with an attached lid. 

Item code Description
4166 Tissue-Tek® Mega-Cassette Base Mold (for item 4173); 6/pcs
4173 Tissue-Tek® Mega-Cassette; 750/pcs
Tissue-Tek®  Mega-Cassette™

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Tissue-Tek®  Mega-Cassette™